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We Have the Perfect Treat for Your Event or Party! 
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ALL Trikeable Treat events are Unique because each event is Customized for YOU


Trikeable Treats is proud to offer a variety of treat packages that are designed to



Having done all types of events, with a wide ranging number of guests, and with all kinds of different treats and

packages, we know that no two events or parties are the same.  That's why our Trikeable Treat Bike is just

a BIG BOX OF FUN on wheels that we can pedal and serve just about anything you & your guests would like!


Getting Started with Trikeable Treats is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3

    First: Start planning your event or party by looking at some of the treats that we offer. Then

choose one, two, or even a few that you know you and your guests will love.

Second: Reach out to us right away so that we can not only customize a FUN event that meets

           your needs and your budget, but to see if we are available for your party or event.

   Third: Once you and the "Ice Cream Man" and our awesome "Event Planner Torey", have    

            put together just the right treats and plans for your event or party, its time to book 

      your event and make a deposit that will secure and reserve your date and time!

Trikeable Treats Base Price:  $150.00 

In addition to picking your treat package, pricing for all events starts with our Base Price.  As you can imagine, in addition to having the "Ice Cream Man" and the Trikeable Treats Bike entertain and serve you and your guests at your event, there is a considerable amount of effort and time involved in planning, shopping, travel, and setting and tear down for your event.


 Base Price Includes: 

Up to 2 Hours of Trikeable Treats Fun at your event

"The Ice Cream Man" pedaling &serving you & your guest dressed in Nostalgic Ice Cream Shoppe Attire

Planning, Shopping, Delivery and Set-up, for your event

Mobile or Stationary Service to each of your guests

Fun "Ice Cream Themed Music" or Music of Your Choice

Dry Ice or a Portable Freezer to Guarantee that Your Treats Stay Cold & Frozen


Additional Hours and Servers are billed at the rate of $50.00 per hour as needed.

Additional delivery charges may apply for events farther than 10 miles of Lakewood. 


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Traditional & Nostalgic Ice Cream Treats:    $3.50 ea

      This package features the amazing Velvet Ice Cream Company classics like:           Old Mill Ice Cream Drumsticks & Sandwiches, Orange Push Ups, Strawberry Shortcake Bars, M&M Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches, Reese Cups Ice Cream, 5 Flavor Rainbow Popsicles, Red White & Blue Rocket Pops, Ice Cream Cups of all flavors and many others!

This FUN package is a hit with kids and adults of all ages. These “retro”

and “old school” treats are what everybody loves and remembers!  


This package is guaranteed to put a huge smile on everybody's face! 

Contact us for for product availability.

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Premium Fruit Bars & Themed Treats:    $3.95 ea


Unlike our “retro” & “old school” treats, for our health conscious and dairy free customers we also offer a selections of natural flavored fruit bars packed with      fresh fruit & inspired by the authentic paletas of Mexico.

Flavors Include: Strawberry, Lime, Mango, Coconut Creme and others!

Our themed treats such as Spiderman & SpongeBob and others are perfect for kids birthday parties and fun events!  Contact us for for current pricing & availability.  

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Poptail Wedding Toast.JPG

"Poptails" our Signature Beverage and a Client Favorite 

$7.50 & UP (based on selection, type of event, and guest size)

Our signature "Poptail" is a 100% Natural Fruit Bar served upside down

in a wine glass with Prosecco or Extra Dry Champagne.

This AMAZINGLY FUN drink blends the sweetness of a strawberry juice bar with the tartness of a dry champagne.  A tasty combination that's not only fun to drink, but refreshing as well!


This signature beverage promises to be the hit of your party

and is guaranteed to make your event FUN, UNIQUE & MEMORABLE!

Non-alcoholic versions are also available upon request.

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