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We love our partners and are super proud to offer their products to our friends and customers!  


Velvet, founded in 1914 in Utica, Ohio by Joseph Dager, a Lebanese immigrant, is a family-owned and operated fourth generation ice cream manufacturer. Dager began the company in the basement of a Utica confectionary. In 1960, Velvet relocated to 'Ye Olde Mill', one mile south of the original location. In 2009, Joseph C. Dager became chairman of the board. Joe’s daughter, Luconda, became president and Joanne and Andre Dager become vice-presidents. 


Elmwood Bakery is a good old-fashioned bakery, like coconut cakes, or spice cake, or danishes, or cinnamon rolls, look no further than Elmwood Home Bakery. Family run for generations, they continue to be just a neighborhood bakery you can depend on for tasty treats, special cakes, and homestyle breads. 


CakeLove is all about love.

Warren Brown started CakeLove in 2002 because he always enjoyed sharing his love for food.  He started making Thanksgiving meals for his family at 14.  He cooked meals for his roommates in college.  He even created a study group called Gastronomy and the Law when he was in law school and shared his culinary experiments with his law school classmates.  CakeLove is just a natural extension of what he's been doing all his life: bringing people together through food.  This desire to share the love continues to drive CakeLove today.  

CakeLove in a Jar is the result of engaging with his customers and soliciting their ideas and feedback.  He was very excited to be able to use their input and create something delicious.  

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