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Velvet Ice Cream since 1914

We just added Velvet Ice Cream as a new vendor!!

He was only 15 when he came to America in 1903 unable to speak English. But that didn’t stop Joseph Dager from striving for the American dream.And who would have imagined that just 11 years later, Joseph Dager’s dream would be reached in the basement of a Utica, OH confectionery with an all-American product. But that’s exactly what happened when Joseph Dager sold his first batch of hand-cranked vanilla ice cream and Velvet Ice Cream was born.

Fast Forward to today and Trikeable Treats will start to offer Velvet’s Italian style Gelato. It is rich in flavor but lower in fat than traditional ice cream. It’s distinguishing dense and creamy texture is smooth and silky and their ingredients are artfully selected.

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