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Where's the Ice Cream Man?

I will never forget how it all started for us in July 2017.

My husband and I were sitting around wondering why there wasn’t an ice cream truck in Lakewood.

We've lived here for many years raising our daughter who is now 17 when we realized she had never heard that distinctive jingle that we'd heard so many times growing up in Alexandria, Virginia and Akron, Ohio.

Do you remember that music the ice cream man played when he was coming down your street? We sure do!

We would run out of our house (hopefully with some money in our pockets) chasing after the ice cream man as fast as we could to get our favorite ice creams. Which for me was the nutty buddy, and for my husband, the orange push up.

And that’s when it hit me. We need an ice cream truck in Lakewood.

But after much research, I realized we would need lots of money to buy that truck when I discovered an ice cream bike on the internet.

So in that moment, on a whim, we bought an ice cream bike from Portland Oregon and shipped it to Lakewood.

So now it’s our mission to bring the 8-year-old out in everyone! No matter whether you are 8 or 80 years old, you remember that sound and the instant joy and happiness it brings to everybody we meet. Our goal is to make every event we do fun, unique and memorable.

So what’s your story? We’d love to know more about YOU and your event.

Let's chat soon!

Yours in FUN...Torey and Jeff Worron

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