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Safe & Healthy Ice Cream Celebrations

We all know that planning an event can be really stressful. Especially now in this upside-down Coronavirus world we are all living in. As the weather starts warming up and we slowly start getting back to normal, there are soo many things that everybody is going to want to do.

But, one of the first things is that you’re going to want to find a FUN & SAFE way to celebrate! I know we are! So whether your saying “welcome back” or, “congratulations” or “lets have a party”, just know that we're here for ya!

While we have been in this quarantine period, Trikeable Treats learned quite a bit about how how to create really FUN & SAFE events by teaming up with the Velvet Ice Cream Company (who’s treats we serve) to offer over 1000 ice creams to dozens of homeless shelters, nursing homes and other front line workers who we thought could use a bit of joy that ice cream can bring.

In addition to wearing gloves and masks, we make sure that our hands and our ice cream bike are sanitized before, during and after, every event we do. Plus, all of our ice creams are frozen and pre-packaged so you don’t have to worry about any scooping or open containers. We also create social distancing by only allowing one person at a time to come up to the bike and pick out the nostalgic ice cream treat (or adult beverage treats) they want.

We know how to safely bring that “8 year old out in everybody”. And during these times, we all need to be 8 years old again don’t we? So call us at 261-931-0224 or click here to tell us a little bit about the party or event you would like to do. We will create a customized plan together to be sure it's SAFE & FUN!

See you soon........ Jeff and Torey

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