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Random Acts of Gelato

Gelato Joy-Rolling Acts of Kindness

During this time of year Trikeable Treats and Jeff “The Ice Cream Man” are usually creating FUN by serving Velvet Ice Cream treats to Brides, Businesses and at events of all kinds.

But as we know, the current circumstances we all find ourselves in means that just isn’t happening. At least for now.

But as we all know, it’s hard to keep a good “Ice Cream Man” down

So we put our heads together with our wonderful partner & ice cream distributor the Velvet Ice Cream Company. Together, we agreed that since they make ice cream treats, and we know how to get it to people, we could work together in these tough times to create some smiles and spread the joy of ice cream to some of those in our community that might need it the most.

So Trikeable Treats reached out to a local friend and community leader Pastor Sara Cogsill from Trinity Lutheran Community Outreach for her community meals, as well as Jonathan Grey from Trials For Hope & St Herman’s House. They both loved the idea of adding a yummy frozen Gelato dessert from Velvet Ice Cream to their community patron’s meals as a way of creating smiles and a bit of hope when they (and we) need it most!

So after getting a delivery from Velvet Ice Cream, yesterday the Trikeable Treats team rolled on down the road in our red Jeep and ice cream bike trailer and dropped off box after box of Vanilla Bean & Espresso Gelato’s to them both.

And even though we kept our distance, wore our gloves, and only handed out cases to the meal centers instead of serving each person like we always do, we know that the gift of ice cream made some our communities hardest hit people feel like they were “8 years old again”

Its what they needed. And its what we do!

So be on the lookout for Velvet Ice Cream and Trikeable Treats to strike again. You never know when or where there will be another Random Act of Gelato!

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